Conventional Products

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Whole Wheat (Durum, Hard Red Spring, Soft White, Hard White Spring, Red and White Winter)

Wheat Flours

Barley (Pearled and Pot, Hulless, Malt)

Oats (Milled, Pony Oats, Oat Groats, Oat Flakes, Steel Cut Oats, Hulless)

Rice, Brown Rice, Wild Rice



Ancient Grains (Spelt, Emmer, Red Fife, Khorosan, Brown Teff)

All Feed Grains


Beans (All Types)

Chickpeas (Kabuli, Desi)

Lentils (All types) (Whole, Split, Decorticated)

Peas (All types) (Whole, Split)

All Feed Pulses


Flax (Brown and Yellow) – Whole Seeds, Milled, Meal, Oil

Hemp – Meal, Whole Seeds, Oil

Mustard – (Yellow, Brown, Oriental) – Whole Seeds

Sunflowers – Meal, Oil

Canola – Whole seed, Meal, Oil

All Feed Oilseeds